Single Bellows Vacuum Cup Series

Category: Bellows

Bellow  Vacuum Pad series particulary design for handling uneven and arched work pieces.

Type of Materials: NBR / BSR / PU / VITON / ANTISTATIC / SILICONE / FFKM SILICONE / Class 1 /                           Class ZERO ESD
Hardness Range: 40-85 JIS A
Temperature Range: -50 to +200°C



Model OD d H D   Model OD d H D
SC03B-6 7.0mm 4.8mm 12.5mm 6.0mm   SC35-6.5 3.8mm 1.5mm 12.0mm 6.5mm
SC03B-8 7.0mm 4.8mm 12.5mm 8.0mm   SC41B-3.5 7.2mm 3.7mm 9.0mm 3.5mm
SC05B-4 6.0mm 3.0mm 16.0mm 4.0mm   SC53B-6 6.0mm 2.3mm 10.0mm 6.0mm
SC05B-5 4.5mm 2.0mm 9.2mm 5.0mm   SC54B-4 4.0mm 1.3mm 7.8mm 4.0mm
SC05B-7 7.0mm 3.0mm 15.8mm 7.0mm   SC54B-6 4.0mm 1.5mm 8.2mm 6.0mm
SC05B-9(M) 7.4mm 4.9mm 7.0mm 9.0mm   SC54B-8 4.0mm 1.5mm 8.8mm 8.0mm
SC05B-10 9.2mm 5.0mm 16.2mm 10.0mm   SC57B-8.5(M) 7.5mm 4.9mm 7.0mm 8.5mm
SC05B-10.5(M) 10.0mm 4.5mm 16.0mm 10.5mm   SC64B-20 15.2mm 6.0mm 13.2mm 20.0mm
SC05B-10.5(M) 10.0mm 4.5mm 13.7mm 10.5mm   SC67B-4.5 3.2mm 1.6mm 7.5mm 4.5mm
SC05B-12 9.1mm 4.0mm 19.0mm 12.0mm   SC73B-4 12.0mm 5.0mm 15.0mm 4.0mm
SC05B-15 9.1mm 3.8mm 20.5mm 15.0mm   SC73B-6 12.0mm 5.0mm 15.0mm 6.1mm
SC05-16.5 9.1mm 3.8mm 11.5mm 16.5mm   SC73B-10 12.0mm 5.0mm 15.5mm 10.0mm
SC07B-7 6.0mm 4.0mm 10.2mm 7.2mm   SC84B-10 10.0mm 4.0mm 16.0mm 10.0mm
SC19B-6 7.5mm 4.0mm 9.0mm 6.0mm   SC96B-10 11.0mm 4.5mm 9.5mm 10.0mm
SC19B-7 8.0mm 4.0mm 8.0mm 7.0mm   SC97B-10 8.5mm 3.8mm 13.5mm 10.5mm
SC28B-4 4.0mm 1.3mm 8.0mm 4.0mm   SC100B-2.7 3.7mm 2.2mm 4.5mm 2.7mm
SC30B-6.5 6.5mm 4.0mm 6.2mm 6.0mm   SC104B-4 4.4mm 2.1mm 5.9mm 4.2mm
SC32B-3.5 4.0mm 2.5mm 8.0mm 3.5mm